Afternoon Round-Up Feb 22, 2012

The Afternoon Round-up is a compilation and review of the what the film blog-o-sphere considers to be news and note worthy concerning cinema. Like morning report we pull from many different sources and post the most relevant topics and absurd meanderings for your enjoyment and information. We’ll go across the net doing the legwork so you don’t have to.

Most film blogs seem to have caught wind of a major casting announcement. The fifth entry in the Die Hard Franchise titled “A Good Day to Die Hard” has cast actor Jai Courtney (of “Spartacus: Blood and Sand” fame) to play the son of John McClane.

The general consensus is good. Most people like the casting. Although I don’t see how people can be happy about anything concerning this movie when they mention who is directing it. Enter John Moore the director of the esteemed Max Payne live action movie. You’ll also notice that the guy they got the pen the film is Skip Woods who you’ll remember for writing X-Men Orgins Wolverine, and Hitman (2007), as well as Swordfish. Now I don’t have a problem with a movie series having as many as five volumes. Think of Charlie Chan, the Nick and Nora thin man films, those Andy Hardy movies and the Rocky Saga. If you have a interesting characters and create good  narrative for them then let it ride. However I don’t think anyone would want to ride in the car if your driving around in a lemon. Most of these bloggers seems to glance over the fact that two most seemingly unqualified people have been tapped to make this film. Where is the outcry. Especially coming after the loathsome Live Free or Die Hard. Have people just dulled their expectations and are hoping for something that isn’t totally terrible that will further mar the franchise. Should we all be happy that Jai Courtney is cast in a movie that will 9 times out of 10 turn out to be awful. Why not just ask back John Mcterrinan or even Renny Harlan. Get a director who can do meat and potatoes action and do it well. Get a writer who doesn’t have the distinction of writing the worst movie Hugh Jackson has ever starred in. Then maybe I’ll give up a little excitement for John McClane Jr.

Elsewhere the film blog-o-sphere is reporting with glee that Edgar Wright of Shawn of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and Scott Pilgrim fame has been tapped to direct Johnny Depp in The Night Stalker.

This is good news to the film bloggers. They like Wright. In this post Tarantino film world, his kinetic style and geek sensibilities have made him a magnet for the nerd-centric internet film-verse to the point where they salivate at even the smallest prospect of a new Edgar Wright project. To be fair the praise isn’t entirely without cause. Strip away the geek cred and you have a very inventive and stylish filmmaker, a genre specialist with kinetic sensibilities that often make for engaging films and loving satire. Even when a film is a disappointment it is not without strong merit (Scott Pilgrim). I find myself excited for this news but not in the way most of the film bloggers are. They seem to be eagerly awaiting the next nerd opus no matter what it is. All they see is vampires and Edgar Wright, not the possibility of a great film. Personally I look forward  to seeing Edgar outside of his element a bit. Sure the whole vampire thing is pretty genre-centric but the core fiction is down and dirty 1970 crime culture and even if the crimes are of a supernatural milieu, this material by its very nature affords Wright the chance to direct a more grounded film. More precisely a film without the immediate crutch of overbearing genre styling and homages (zombie film, an action film, and the video game culture). For that reason alone, the evolution/maturation of Wright’s style, this news is of some merit.

In the works as well is new film from Disney about their Matterhorn Adventure Ride. Some film sites are reporting that Scream 3, and Transformers 2 and 3 scribe Ehren Kruger has been tapped to write the new film.

This is awful news. For starters the last time Disney decided to adapt one of their rides into a major motion picture we ended up with a laboriously long, overblown, poorly plotted, franchise otherwise known as the pirates of the caribbean films. Out of the billion dollar study in excess we received there is only about 90 minutes of watchable entertainment and that is only if you cut some footage from overly long Curse of the Black Pearl. But if you had to, and I mean really had to adapt a Disney ride for the big screen, why I ask would you choose Ehren Kruger to adapt it. He has written two of the worst…………two of the most deplorable…….. you know, just go to google and look up some reviews for the 2 and 3 transformers films,  we don’t have the time to go into it now. I understand that the later transformers films made serious  bank but I can assure you it had nothing to do with his writing. It has to do with Micheal Bay being a great director of action. The greatest thing the Transformers 2 and 3 dvd producers should have done is release the films with a sfx only track. Because then your ears would be spared and we could have enjoyed the striking visuals and sound effects. But alas Mr. Kruger still is getting work and by the Disney corporation no less. This news, while being met with some outcry, is being view by most film sites as just another story. The best quote about this news comes from cinemablend writer Katey Rich who states:

“Before being credited with the last two TransformersThe Ring films, as well as Scream 3. So, OK, there aren’t a lot of classics on that list, but Kruger knows his way around a big movie, and that counts for something.”

How is that comforting. If you know your way around excrement really well, how does that count for anything. Its it still excrement. It is still a bad film, and this is still awful news.

That is all for now but join us in the evening for some fun before bedtime.


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