Film-cycle’s Evening Tugg

The film blog-o-sphere is excited tonight at some interesting news. Whats the news you ask? Another new screenshot from the avengers? No. A toy catalouge from Japan with detailed villains from the avengers? No. A picture of Joss Whedon taking out the trash? No, your way off track. My friends let me introduce you to tugg.

This right here is good news. Very good news. Analysts have tried to figure out why people aren’t going to the movies anymore. Usually the finger points to high ticket and concession prices, or annoying kids and cell phones in screenings, but the fact of the matter is the movies just aren’t good anymore. At least good enough to warrant the full theater experience. Why pay for a by the numbers action or romance film that will be on Cable or Netflix in 6-8 months anyway. Its probably a wild theory but I think people would go to the movies if there was something there they actually wanted to see. Until Hollywood catches up and starts making less disposable entertainment for the masses, tugg will be our saving grace. Tugg is basically group-on for movie theaters. You select a film to screen, get people to agree to come and purchase tickets, and tugg will deliver the film. The details are rough at this point but the idea of being able to personally custom order films from any time period or genre and have them play at your local cinema is making the modern film blogger exciteable. They very well should be. The theater is such a great presentation tool for the medium of film. Different people from all walks of life coming together to share a common story. Ask anyone, no matter if they’ve seen a particular movie thousands of times, seeing that particular film on the big screen is a completely different experience. You are humbled by the larger canvas and the pure sensory overload of the presentation which makes the movie become bigger than anything in your life, and thusly you are free to feel bigger and experience deeper. You laugh louder, cry softer, cheer and clap. Its the theater experience and there is nothing like it. So I welcome this news and I hope you seek out this tugg enterprise and support it:

Hopefully though your choices for films will be a lot more varied than what the film bloggers are using as examples for screenings. Yes Aintitcool, we know that “Alien” is a classic film but but what about “Sullivan’s Travels” or “The Clock”. What about”Better off Dead”. What are some titles you would arrange screenings for.


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