Lazy Sunday

Good Morning, Happy Sabbath. Lets take a leisurely drive around the film blog-o-sphere and see what is passing for film journalism this morning.

Our friends over at AICN have a pretty pointless article up about Ridley Scott’s new film Promethus.

Is Prometheus an Alien Prequel? Is this really the most important question that we should be asking now. For months and months, over and over, its been the same thing; Alien and Prometheus, Prometheus and Alien….what is the connection between the two? An interesting query, but again I wonder if we shouldn’t be asking a more important question. Like for instance, is Ridley Scott still making uninspired, unimaginative, pieces of entertainment? If the answer is yes and we are treated to yet another film like “Body of Lies”, “Robin Hood”, “American Gangster”, or “A Good Year”, then the mythology of the film should be the last things on our minds. In retrospect, does the mythology of Alien 3 or Alien Resurrection count for anything now, or is it just remembered as a detail in regards to two poorly made films? I say we stop worrying about The Alien connection; derelict ships, and space jockeys and start keeping a closer eye on things like film direction and screenplay, both of which are cause for alarm. Because not only do we have a director who is losing his vision at the helm, but a writer who never had a clear one in the first place; “Lost” TV series scribe Damon Lindelof. We should never be distracted by mythology, at the expense of film-making. Let us hope first for a good movie, and then if Scott and company deliver, then we can start discussing mythology. Lets make sure Scott still has the ability to grow a good tree (film), and then, upon appraisal, if we find the tree worthwhile, we can enjoy the fruits (mythology) thereof.

Elsewhere, is reporting on a new trailer for G.I.Joe Retaliation.

Can you believe the excitement for this film? The internet film community is over the moon about it. They’re almost as over the moon as people were when the trailer for this other film hit a while back:

Remember how great that turned out? Seriously, I can honesty say that” G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra” was filled with some of the most relentless, unfocused, exaggerated, bloated, incomprehensible, cgi cartoon action I’ve ever seen in a film. It could almost be regarded as avant garde if it wasn’t for the fact that you knew the results were due to Stephen Sommers deficiencies as a director, not to mention some poor writing. However, in Hollywood, you don’t argue with film grosses. Paramount pictures certainly didn’t, and despite the negative reaction to the first film, here we are with a second. Along with the second movie and its subsequent trailer, you have a case of amnesia that has swept the film blog-o-sphere. They’ve forgotten that it was only three years ago when we were lured to theaters with a big flashy trailer and got a big flashy mess. Now it seems that once again we have a case of hook line and sinker. Be smart about your excitement. The trailer was great but, if this film is any good at all it wont be because the whole thing is a two minute music video for seven nation army with killer bass and cool cut scenes. It will be because director Jon M. Chu, who has some good visual chops, and writers Rhett Resse and Paul Wernick were able to take a military toy franchise and craft a good motion picture out of it. Time will tell.

Elsewhere the film bloggers are reporting some genuine good news. Filmmaker Mary Harron’s new film “The Moth Diaries” has a  brand new trailer.

Mary Harron you’ll remember is the director of “American Psycho” and “The Notorious Betty Paige”. Obviously, The girl has some skills. She can be tad extreme at times but can also wring general excitement and interest out of the most detestable scenarios, not only with morbid fascination but also good direction and the ability to maintain a strong sense of tone as well, in effect creating a grim sort of empathy in  in the viewer for the protagonist; regardless of  matter how dark their deeds may be. She’s sort of a off white version of Brian De Palma. Nevertheless, I don’t think its her directing chops that is attracting the excitement of the internet film community. All they seem to see is vampires, blood, and (supposedly) bi-curious school girls and thusly the possibilities of a slick new genre schlock piece. Lets hope and pray that it is much more than that. Although with a director like Mary H. at the helm, we have little reason to worry that there will be more than one layer to this onion.

That is all for now (thankfully). Have a nice day and enjoy the Oscars.


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