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It has been one whole day since the new trailer for “The Avengers” dropped. For a brief moment the internet community came to life as thousands of film bloggers had a collective nerd-gasam in front of their computer screen. Reports soon flooded in from all the major film sites.

These were only six of about over five hundred reports covering every single frame of this new trailer. Reaction was overwhelmingly positive. Admittedly some of the shots in the trailer look great. Seeing Stark walking and having the armor taking off at the same time, as well as the hulk catching iron man in mid-air was pretty cool. I just hope all of these great shots are accompanied by a great film.  Not just a great experience for the nerds. I understand that this movie is the realization of many a childhood (and adult) fantasy, and that seeing the original “Avengers” on the big screen fighting together is a dream come true. Its just that, when all the fervor has died down, and the nerd sheen has worn off, I want the film to be good on its own merits, and not because its an “Avengers” movie. We’ve been fooled over and over again with all the superhero movies that have come out recently. They all have really fun and exciting trailers but in the end turn out to be pieces of garbage (“Thor”, “Captain America”, “Green Lantern”). The people behind those films weren’t out to make good movies but instead made superhero set piece melodramas with poorly acted and realized characters, misjudged scale, and weak narrative. That is why, no matter how many explosions are in the new trailer, no matter many great one liners we’re shown, no matter how many circling hero shots we’re treated too, and no matter how cool it was to see the hulk catch iron man, the most exciting thing about this whole project, the thing that gives me the most hope for its outlook, is the fact that Joss Whedon is directing. Let me just say that I am in no way a Whedon fanatic. I’m not a fan of “Buffy”, “Angel”, or “Firefly” or anything that he has done in TV. I am however a huge fan of “Serenity”. What “Serenity” showed me, is that this guy is a very gifted director. He is great at establishing narrative, keeping his characters grounded (no matter how fantastical the situation), and directing action with a very accomplished and steady hand. If you watch “Serenity” you’ll be very surprised at how good the movie is, regardless of if you know the mythology.

Following the release of “The Avengers” trailer, the film blogger named Nordling reported for AICN, that “this… this is “Let’s play Avengers in the backyard!  I’ll be Iron Man!  You be Hulk!” stuff.  Straight out of the childhood bliss of just loving comics for the joy of it.  This one… this is what I’ve wanted to see since I was 8 years old.  So, so great.”

That is wonderful, and I’m very happy for him. I hope his childhood dreams are realized. I know for me personally, the “Avengers” movie I always pictured in my head would cost one hundred billion dollars and be ten hours.  Rather than seeing either of our childhood fantasies translated to the big screen, I would rather see a motion picture that is so well constructed, so well written, so well directed and acted, that it transcends age, race, and culture and is able to touch us deeply and makes us experience something profound. Great art can do exactly that. It can tap into the collective imagination and capture it (like Lucas did with the original “Star Wars”). I guess if I could have all that, then I wouldn’t mind having all the nerd stuff in there as well.


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  1. Oscar Hangover

    I disagree with everything you said. You’re an idiot.

  2. Now I know, with that comment, that I’ve officially made it as a film blogger.

  3. There is nothing ‘profound’ about Star Wars. Nothing.

    • Thank you so much for responding Smatt584. If star wars didn’t do it for you than I respect that. I was just referring to its impact in a general sense. If star wars didn’t do it for you than was there ever a film that did. I would really like to hear about it.

  4. “I know for me personally, the “Avengers” movie I always pictured in my head would cost one hundred billion dollars and be ten hours.”

    Very excellent point.

  5. Curios as to why you thought Thor and in particular Captain America were garbage. Green Lantern on the other hand….

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