The Film Bloggers Suddenly Raise Their Standards

Being that the film blog-o-sphere has set the bar so low as far as movie journalism goes, with their sub-par writing, general poor taste, and puddle deep knowledge of film history, its always a point of amusement when they suddenly want to try and grow up and become serious film critics. This sudden onslaught of higher standards is usually brought upon by news of a upcoming project that is deemed detestable to anyone who knows anything about movies.

What better project, of course, but an Adam Sandler movie? Opinions about Sandlers’s work has always pretty much been in the toilet as far as popular criticism is concerned, so people responding poorly to a new project of his isn’t unheard of, especially in the light of his latest failure “Jack and Jill”. Its just that when the film blog-o-sphere does responds to a comedy, its seems to never be about whether the film works as a good movie, but rather what that particular blogger may or may not find funny. Check out this trailer review from Slashfilm writer Angie Han.

“From here, it looks like the folks involved decided to replace actual jokes with lots of cursing and bodily fluid humor. There are spit takes, vomit, semen, blood, and like ten “fucks”, but none of that makes up for the fact that “It tastes like fucking dick infused with balls!” only sounds clever to a ten-year-old.”

What Angie Han, may I ask, is an actual joke? Can you define it for me. Can’t cursing and bodily fluid humor be funny. Were we not all praising the use of cursing and bodily fluid humor in “Bridesmaids”? Why is it okay when Kristen Wiig does it but not Adam Sandler. Also why would the saying; “it taste like f——- d—- infused with my b—-“, only be funny to a ten year old. Adults laughed at Will Ferrell putting his penis on a drum set in “Step Brothers”.

I don’t claim to be an authority on comedy. However when I am looking for an opinion on a comedic film, I don’t need a rundown of what you consider low and highbrow humor. Please just tell me if it looks like a good movie or not. Jokes only work if they have a good base, just like the humor in a movie only works if the film-making is sound. The base maybe a very simple one but this is why the most simple stories can have the most hilarious payoffs. A lot of the greatest films Sandler has done have been very simple stories. He takes what would be an ordinary motif or trope (helping grandma, growing up and taking responsibility, fatherhood, ect) and explores the basis of these motifs and tropes, getting to the bottom of them revealing often hilarious warped universal truths or at least his bizarre take on what the truth might be. Now in the end, I may not always agree with the basis for a lot of Adam Sandler’s humor, but I will give him credit if he was able to pull off the joke.


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  1. Trailer looks horrible and stupid

  2. I agree Bird, but compare that trailer with this one. Its funny how a perception can change over time.

  3. I actually laughed a few times during that, especially Leighton’s last line. And I’ll take anything that looks like a far cry from the safe and fluffy Jack and Jill.

    What’s your opinion on The Dictator trailer, though? I found that to be on par with this one, yet those same bloggers seem to love that one.

  4. They love it because they worship at the altar of Sasha Baron Cohen. Not that he isn’t a talented fellow. He is very talented as a matter of fact, although I think his talents might be better served in a weekly format on television like Tracey Ullman, instead of making liberal shock comedy stunt movies that astound at first but ultimately are treated as a passing fancy until he comes up with something more even more outrageous to shock people. Unfortunately the dictator looks like just another stunt posing as a film, instead of a well made comedy.Worth a laugh probably.

  5. Didn’t he have that weekly format show with Da Ali G Show?

  6. Yes he did. Should have stuck with it. Expanded it and added more characters like Tracey Ullman.

  7. Then again the problem with Cohen’s show was that he could only go so long with that kind of comedy, as in where he surprises unsuspecting interviewees and civilians, before those people would recognize him. He gave up on that because people started to recognize him. Also another reason why The Dictator is mostly scripted with other well known faces.

    Another thing, those same bloggers worship at the feet of David Wain and Paul Rudd whenever they team up.

  8. That’s a big problem I have with some of these bloggers. When they hype something up that involves David Wain/Paul Rudd or Sacha Baron Cohen, they write as if they know these guys personally and therefore have to write positive things about them, refusing to admit the product is at least underwhelming if not plain bad.

  9. If he had a problem with people recognizing him then he should work harder to seek out new people to prank, or hire a great make-up guy. Take a cue from Jamie Kennedy, long term impersonation comedy can be done.

    And I can agree that sometimes film critics can be overly personal, but you forget how revealing the arts can be.

  10. Forgive me if I’m not sure what you mean by that last statement haha.

  11. Another thing. Can you take a look at the post from Cinemablend pertaining to this trailer? The author believes it ‘bows down to all of his worst impulses’, but I don’t believe she has a firm grasp on what his ‘worst impulses’ are.

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