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For this evening, instead of picking out a particular bit of news and critiquing the regular asinine film blogger response to it, I thought I’d go ahead and publish some random headlines headlines from around the film blog-o-sphere and let you draw your own conclusions. I expect the conclusions to be negative and sad because of what passes as film news and journalism these days, as I’ve been saying is laughable.


Lets see what our good friends at Aintitcool.com have for us:

“The Japanese Trailer For BRAVE Is The Best One Yet!”

The Behind the Scenes Pic of the Day could get you diseases. You’d like that, wouldn’t you?

Sylvester Stallone would like you to know – that he is absolutely not editing BULLET TO THE HEAD!!!

Is Universal Back To Making A OUIJA Movie? Y-E-S!!

Some Amazing And Rare Behind The Scenes Shots From The Original STAR TREK Series!!

Jason Segel Won’t Be Appearing In THE MUPPETS Sequel


Meanwhile at Slashfilm.com we can see that:

The /Filmcast: Bonus Ep. – Re-Assessing Take Shelter (GUEST: Brandon Lee Tenney from Firstshowing)

Kristen Bell Lands Lead in Disney’s Snow Queen Adaptation ‘Frozen’

Watch The First 10 Minutes of ‘The FP’

Sequel Bits: Danny DeVito Totally Wants to Do Another ‘Twins’, Plus: ‘Scream 5′, ‘Salt 2′, ‘Friday 4′, ‘Iron Man 3′, ‘Men in Black 3′,JackRyan

Sony To Distribute ‘RoboCop’ Remake

‘Animal House’ Heading To Broadway With Music By Barenaked Ladies


Heading over to CinemaBlend.com we are told about:

Rose Byrne And Anna Faris Join I Give It A Year

Dakota Fanning Tackles Bucket List In Now Is Good Trailer

Bill And Ted 3 Script Is Finished, Needs The Greenlight

Frankie Go Boom Poster Shows Ron Perlman Like You’ve Never Seen Him Before

RoboCop Remake Finds Distribution

Finishing up at Firstshowing.net we learn that:

Review: ‘ATM’ is a 15-Minute Idea Trapped Inside a 90-Minute Movie

‘Men in Black 3’ Suits Are Real Viral Update + New Subway Ad Found

Kristen Bell Voicing Lead in Disney’s ‘Frozen’, Starring in ‘Some Girls’

‘Bullet to the Head’ Delayed So Sylvester Stallone Can Recut the Film

Zoe Saldana Joining Christian Bale for ‘Out of the Furnace’ Thriller

Watch: Blue Sky’s ‘Ice Age 4: Continental Drift’ Full Theatrical Trailer

Thank you film bloggers. Now I can sleep soundly knowing that “Ouija” is moving forward into production. Also knowing that Bill and Ted 3 is getting ready for green-light takes a big load off as well. In all seriousness all of this represents why filmcycle.wordpress.com is in existence. Now I don’t want to make any grand statements about the state of film, but how can you look at these headlines and not be a little bit morose. Aren’t there other things to discuss besides sequel news about “Scream 5” and “Friday 4”, and whether or not the makers of Men in Black 3 are giving away free suits. Not to say I can’t have fun with film news sometimes, but as someone who has spent a lot of time surfing the net looking at many different film blogs, I can honestly tell you that this sensationalist drivel is what is driving most of the internet film community today. It would be nice for a popular film site to be devoted to discussing cinema in a slightly more critical, academic, and conversational way. I want more sites like the museum of the moving image http://www.movingimagesource.us/. which is a great place to go for interesting think pieces on film and the history of cinema. More sites like that giving healthy meals out instead of the junk food we’re currently being fed. If you know of any more sites serving better cuisine please leave a link to it in the comment section. Until then have a good night and watch out for cavities.


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