Good Afternoon 6/5/2012

Thank you for visiting film-cycle. I know you’ll have a good time. We’re about two quarters of the way though the summer movie season, and its has been routinely awful. Excuse me if I don’t beat around the bush, but when I look at the slate of films availble for consumption at my local cineplex, its all I can do not to wretch. There are too many fast food movies. Movies with little substance and mediocre writing. Made only for the sake of capitalization. A desert of  sequel, prequel, three-quels, re-imaginings and remakes. Noisy superhero movies, teen fantasy romances, brainless sci-fi, and redundant thrillers. Surely this is the worst summer movie season ever? I guess I could say that but it seems like I end up saying that every year. I wish studios would take more chances in the summer with their material. I wish there was more diversity in the good ole’ summertime instead of just sci-fi, superhero, action, romance repeat.

Take a look at something will ya.

Some of these rankings are bogus but if you would compare and contrast some summer movie season from years past you’ll see what a dire state we’ve come to, and if you want a real shock pull up old wikipedia and see some of the films that were being released in some of the summers of the golden age of cinema. Its a heartbreaking sight to see what we’ve come to, considering the heights of where we’ve been. I wonder if Steven Spielberg would have soldered in 1976 with “Jaws” if he knew what he would wrought. Would he continued if he looked ahead wept as he saw challenging and thrilling entertainment exchanged for disposable over-produced trash. I wonder……

The film blog-o-sphere hasn’t noticed though. They’re still just chugging along, giving us little tidbits that they think we need to know. Things that are instrumental to our growth as cultivators and patrons of this great art form that we call cinema…………….like the new date for the release of G.I. :Joe Retaliation.

Has anyone stopped to think how insulting it is, that a movie studio would release a sequel to a film that was bad, just because it made money. Please don’t misunderstand my thinking as naivete, for I understand the lure of the mighty greenback? I just find it……kind of crazy that people are willing to get excited and pay for a second part of something that by all definitions stunk on its first run through. Its like if a restaurant made a sandwich that had some nasty ingredients in it. It looked good and you ate but it made you sick and left a sour taste in your mouth. A year later that same restaurant assembles another sandwich with basically the same ingredients except a change here or there. They say its safe and even better than before. They even made a new commercial for the sandwich with lots of flash and spectacle that made it look delicious, but you still knew that it was made by the same people who made the last one. Do you think that it would be wise to eat the new sandwich or proceed with caution, considering your last experience with the restaurant. In the end you’d probably want to find something different to eat from a restaurant with a better track record.. Nonetheless despite all the negative reviews the first movie got, the fanboy bloggers are still pretty excited about the new one. Maybe its like the old saying goes, “as a dog returns to its vomit……”



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