Summer Madness: News Round-up for 6/6/2012

It would be funny if it wasn’t so sad.

In my previous article (pertaining to “Wreck It Ralph”) I wrote about how tiresome it must be to write articles of speculative nerd/fan-boy puff pieces day after day after day. Apparently not that tiring for it is yet a new day and the trend seems to be continuing. The big news item of today (as far as the majority of film bloggers are concerned) is that the Captain American sequel has finally found its director(s).

Through the miracle of low expectations being met, the atrocity that was “Captain America: The First Avenger” seem to be able to pass as a good movie. Perhaps maybe it is the least egregious of the films that comprise the ever building marvel movie empire, but that doesn’t make it a good movie. It was a shoddily constructed (, hackneyed mess that did a disservice to the otherwise solid body of work of director Joe Johnston. In all of this superhero nonsense that is the real question; how marvel is able to acquire these otherwise good or passable directors (Kenneth Branagh, Joe Johnston, Louis Leterrier) and then strip away any of their individuality and unique strengths as filmmakers, seemingly browbeating their talents to conform to their directing model in effort to build their own empire of carbon copy, by the book, set piece heavy, underdeveloped super hero movies. Its baffling how Branagh, who gave us “Henry V” could also give us “Thor” with its ever present Facebook puns and ridiculous dutch angles, or that Johnston, who made the superior “Rocketeer” brimming with warmth, and a great sense of action and imagination could give us the lazy and underdeveloped “Captain America”.

These things however seem to escape Mr. and Mrs. film blogger. They seem to be excited that he people responsible for “You, Me and Dupree” as well as the nerd boy porn which is televisions “Community” are at the helm of the sequel. Haven’t they realized that it doesn’t matter who is directing. Even if they got David Lynch to direct, it is still a marvel property and when you sign up to direct one of their films you become their property as well. Any nuance or uniqueness you could bring to the superhero genre would be rejected in favor of an easily digestible narrative and story, not to mention an overload of ridiculous and poorly choreographed set pieces. So no, I’m not in any way excited for this “news”, because I know its just another couple of directors signing up to compromise their vision in effort to further their own careers at the expense of stiff-ing the public with more sub-par entertainment.

I will be happy however, when the studios who handle these properties start caring about taking risks. When they see that they can take these superhero stories and create great narrative from them, telling challenging and interesting stories (like what singer did with “Superman Returns”) instead of trying to mold them carelessly into a bigger more lucrative picture. What good does it profit a film company to gain all the currency in the world but forfeit its own soul?


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