Daily Bread: 6/8/12

Prometheus Overload.

If for some reason, you spend your precious time visiting a variety of popular film blogs, you’ve probably noticed that lately, there seems to be an awful amount of news about the new film “Prometheus”. On most film blogs almost every other story for the past two weeks has had some link to “Prometheus”. You either read about new reviews and synopsis for the film, detailed explanations for its supposedly convoluted plot, or you see interviews with the stars and craftsmen behind the scenes. Every bit of news, even if it isn’t specifically about “Prometheus”, still has a common thread to link it to the movie. In the midst of all this, I have to wonder if anyone else is a little weary of the ever present hard-on most of the internet film community has for sci-fi/ superhero action film projects. Every time there is even the slightest hint of a new film in the works with even slight fantastical overtones, the collective ovaries of the film blog-o-sphere stars working overtime producing eggs. Just take a sample of these offerings from various films blogs today:


MOVIE NEWS: Prometheus Explained: Unraveling The Unanswered Questions

MOVIE NEWS: Operation Kino 66: Prometheus Reviewed And Discussed In Detail

MOVIE NEWS: What To Know About The Alien Universe Before Seeing Prometheus


John Ary: Let’s Talk PROMETHEUS – with Spoilers!!


Capone celebrates the vision and tackles the shortcomings of Ridley Scott’s PROMETHEUS!!!

Harry says forget about ALIEN & ALIENS before going in to see PROMETHEUS, Ridley is up to something different!!!


The Best Movies With Ancient Greek Titles You Probably Haven’t Seen


‘Prometheus’ Spoilers Discussion

Michael Fassbender Talks ‘Prometheus’ & Androids Who Highlight Their Hair

‘Prometheus’ Review

I understand excitement. I really do (you should have seen me when the matrix sequel was approaching). However, what is troubling about all this is the tunnel vision that “event” movies “Prometheus” create. In the wake of the release of a new sci-fi superhero event film, there doesn’t seem to be any room for news or discussions of smaller films, and even if there is the scale seems to tip increasingly in favor of the big and loud instead of the small and nuanced. Where is the news and discussions of the newest independent films, avant garde cinema, classic movies, foriegn titles, ect? A great quiet masterpiece may come and go while we are busy discussing the nit-picky plot details of the new alien flick or time travel film. It can be fun to discuss these things but not all the time and in such high volume. You focus so much on the nerdy stuff, and fantasy worlds that you lose sight of the true artistry that film can offer. Behind all the cosplay and special effects that people get so hung up on are living breathing works of art. I’ve seen alot said about Prometheus on these films blogs and most of it is pure fluff. There are talks of spoilers and plot twists, robots and xenomorphs but no talk of tone and mood, or meaning and allegory (except at a superficial reactionary level). The film is not discussed as a work of art but a piece of fandom, ripe for picking apart.  The film’s box office potential is debated but there seems to be no room for artistic debate and stimulating discussion about the film, which is sad and ultimately a waste.

I suggest a changing of perspective. Lets refocus our discussion away from the nit-pick and back to the nuance. Lets stop discussing robots and alien goo and start discussing “ourselves” as we is revealed and given expression though these moving works of art. Then maybe our discussion of science fiction films can move beyond the trivial to the more enlightened……..maybe it can move to the stars.


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