Ridiculous News Item of the Day: 6/10/2012

Jump Street Directors On The Lego Film

‘This could be the craziest movie ever’


The people at the film magazine Empire are reporting that the team behind the hit, groundbreaking, revisionist, life changing, epic, redefining film reboot of “21 Jump Street” are apparently planning to helm the new “Lego” movie. I will admit some of the ideas sound promising. They are drawing inspiration from some of the stop motion lego videos you can find easily on youtube. Since one of the those videos contains more imagination than almost any film at the multiplex right now, there is actually a slight reason to be excited about this. A slight reason.

The mere headline is still wretch inducing. The article itself is also contemptible. These guys come off as studio trolls/yes men, going on and on about their new cgi, multi million dollar cartoon movie and how crazy awesome it will be. Despite all their yammering, I still wonder if this is what they envisioned for themselves. When they got that degree from film school did they say, “its my lifes ambition to make “Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs” (decent), “21 Jump Street” the reboot, and the “Lego” movie. I respect their decision if this was their attention but that doesn’t mean I have to give them credit for having low expectations for their career. I’ll tell you something; a director who starts out, and uses his big chance to make a different, more challenging and ambitious film, instead of making mickey mouse forgettable fluff, would actually have the credibility to then say he was making the “craziest film ever”. Cause he would in fact actually be trying to do it…….more or less.


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