A Redeeming Piece of Film Journalism: 6/12/2012

In my quest to combat the ever growing tide of nonsensical film blogging, I have relied upon many weapons. I have used my wit, and my wisdom as well as my anger and enthusiasm. Not to mention almost every word I have ever learned and used in my life.  I’ve used these tools to certain degrees of success in hopes of reaching a greater audience, my goal being to expose to the general idiocy of the film blog-o-sphere, and lead my readers by the hand out of the darkness of immature fan-dom to the light of intelligent cinematic illumination (whew!)

I often wonder if I am being too negative in my approach. I never want to come across as a doom and gloom person. Yes I want to expose these modern day film/fluff reporters that govern most movie news sites, but I also want to give some hope to you guys as well, exposing you to some of the best that the internet has to offer in film analysis and journalism. I want you to be excited about film and all its many wonders without having you be subjected to the rabid sensationalism and amateurish nature of most modern film blogs. This is a very tough task considering what I’m up against, but not entirely impossible. I believe my overall success will lie in my approach, as I seek to strike the proper balance between tough conviction, and gentle critique. In an effort to strike this balance, I have recently added such segments to the site as the most redeeming piece of film journalism of the day as well as the most ridiculous piece of film journalism the day has to offer. Both segments have been met with immediate success and acclaim.

As I look to skew more towards the fun side of our film re-education, I would like to present, for our redeeming piece of film journalism today, a link to a wonderful new website I found called Hollywood and Swine.


Let me tell you something. When you have surveyed the vast landscape of film blog-dom, and found the voyage to be a hollow one, and when you’ve become infuriated with the sensationalist nerd drivel that is the life blood of most modern film blogs, one of the most therapeutic things you can do is take a step back, breath in, and have a big huge laugh about it all. Find a way to release the tension, and not be so serious about it all. Remember that most of these film bloggers don’t take their jobs half as seriously as they do washing their hands, so sitting in front of your computer and raising your blood pressure would be benefiting no one but your doctors bank book. If you mix a little bit of humor with that righteous anger you will experience a certain kind of freedom and relief that only levity can bring you. You’ll learn, as you stop taking these hucksters so seriously, that laughter truly is medicine.


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