Redeeming Piece of Film News: 6/16/2012

The mass hysteria over Dark Knight Rises has started. Last Monday saw the first batch of tickets go on sale for those wanting to get in first and see it opening day at midnight. It seemed that the tickets couldn’t sell fast enough. Servers crashed due to high volumes and many people who had tickets all ready to buy lost them almost instantaneously. They shouldn’t have been surprised though, seeing how this is almost a repeat of what happened a few years back with “The Dark Knight”, except now its on a much larger scale;

If these super fans want to be realistic, they probably will have to wait about a week after release if they want to get in and see “The Dark Knight Rises”. Add about two more weeks onto that if they want to see it in IMAX. Either way, come July 20th, there are bound to be some people angry at the fact they have to wait to see the second coming after everyone else does. To remedy this, I suggest a change of perspective. Shift your eyes away from the dark, nihilistic, hopeless streets of Gotham, to the bright and cheerful town of Hollywood, California (circa 1927). Put on your tap shoes and dance, don’t walk, to the 60th anniversary screening of “Singing In the Rain” taking place on July 12th.

The wonderful people over at fathom events have put together another doozy following their spectacular 70th anniversary presentation of Casablanca. Ticket holders will be treated to a remastered print of the classic musical as well as a special before film interview with Debbie Reynolds conducted by the ultimate pusher-man of classic films, Robert Osbourne. Read about the event and purchase tickets here:

I have to be honest, I’d rather see “Singing in the Rain” any day over Christopher Nolan’s overly dark, “realistic”, nihilistic, un-entertaining, Law and Order: SVU styled, pseudo deep take on Batman. I think if you couldn’t get tickets for the first few weeks of shows for “The Dark Knight Rises” you could do a lot worse for yourself (better actually) by going to go see this wonderful movie that will lift your spirits. Please take the precious opportunity to see this great film on the big screen the way it was meant to be seen. Once you get a view of Mr. Gene Kelly hoofing it in glorioius full frame technicolor across the big screen, Nolan’s depression epic with all its shaky cam action will be the farthest thing from your mind.

P.S. If you want a more concise explanation of why I don’t like The Dark Knight, I’ll direct you to my friends at nypress and youtube to explain it a little bit better.


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