“The Great Knight Hype”: 6/24/2012

That, in case you don’t know, is a set photo from “The Dark Knight Rises”……its Bane reading a piece of paper…….riveting.

We’re experiencing a growing tidal wave generated by the upcoming release of “The Dark Knight Rises”. Film bloggers seem to think that every new piece of news, every set photo, TV spot, trailer, early review, cast interview, or any general news concerning the upcoming superhero “epic” is worthy of out time. Clearly, they have gotten a poor idea of what we (those concerned with enlightened, intelligent film journalism) consider valuable. I don’t mean to come off as speculative or overly critical,  but I just fail to see how a new billboard advertising campaign counts as relevant film news/journalism.



What a crazy state of affairs. Why do we need to see every freaking piece of advertising concerning “The Dark Knight Rises”? Its like a drug high. People can’t seem to wait for the film to come out, so they placate themselves with little news tidbits and droppings, getting their fixes, and feeding their addiction. Its nerd crack. Geek heroin. Can you imagine hype like this in old Hollywood.

Picture it;

Its 1939 and we’re smack dab in the middle of what some call the greatest year ever in film. We’ve seen trailer after trailer after trailer after trailer………….after trailer after trailer after trailer, for this upcoming new film from Hollywood hit maker David O. Selznick. Its an adaptation of that best seller…….oh…whats its name…..oh yeah, “Gone With The Wind”. Hype has been building to a fever pitch as fans eagerly await the new film from Selznick and the wizard behind “The Wizard of Oz”: Victor Fleming. Radio spots for the film have been appearing on the hour every hour in between Jack Benny and Fibber Mcgee and Molly. Theaters have been handing out lobby cards hand over fist featuring snap shots from the film (including all the fashions that Vivien Leigh will be wearing in the film).  The script for the film has been kept under wraps but there have been leaks, and we’ve been able to put together a rough estimate of the basic plot outline, and can now see if it follows the book or deviates in any way. Also, please don’t forget to get your tickets for the midnight premiere, as they are selling fast. 

Its Pretty Ridiculous, don’t you think, but its whats happening today. Isn’t it enough to want to see the film without having it force fed to you every other day from new set leaks and advertising blitzes? I’m sure that if you are out there and you want to see “The Dark Knight” you probably wanted to see it since Nolan first announced he was making it; before a lick of film had been shot. I understand the need for advertising. I understand the need to sell your film. Some advertising can be fun and entertaining (often more so than the film). I guess what I don’t understand is how every single insignificant piece of Dark Knight information is breaking news in the eyes of film bloggers. It actually wouldn’t be so bad if they weren’t reprinting every story about “The Dark Knight Rises” over and over. Aren’t their other films, other gems that need highlighting and exploration/analyzing. I bet these bloggers couldn’t  go a week without printing one story on “The Dark Knight Rises”. It would be nice  if they waited until the film comes out before they write any more. Its seems like a funny idea but in today’s fast paste sensationalist movie advertising business, the last thing to get any consideration is the actually pedigree of the film. How it makes you feel, what it means to you and what its trying to say. These things don’t seem to be the concern of most of these Dark Knight fans/film bloggers. People get so concerned with figuring out the plot ahead of time just for curiosities sake, that they forget to weigh the actions and study the motivations of the people living inside the story itself. By the time the actual film comes along, the adverting has whipped them into such a frenzy that its almost impossible to view the film as a piece of art, but rather the as the next big thing. The next sensation. Its Apple I-phone frenzy at the mega-plex.


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