Godzilla My Dreams

Auteur Theory or Genre Theory?

Digital or Film?

Narrative or Documentary?

Black and White or Color?

Method Acting or Character Acting?

Child’s stuff. Passe debates. While these topics once provided movie fans endless fodder for conversation, they now seem to be old news in light of a recent development that poses perhaps (according to most modern film bloggers) the most important cinematic question of all time.

Will Godzilla show up to Comic Con?






Maybe its just me, but I feel there are more pertinent things to be discussing in cinema besides the eminent return of the great schlock monster from beneath the sea. I don’t in any way want to come off as elitist, as most people with high standards are often confused of being, but I fail to see how  Godzilla perhaps making an appearance at comic con is worthy of any debate or discussion. Shouldn’t we be more questioning of whether or not originality still exists in Hollywood, or whether the theater experience can (and should) survive the digital revolution. Is there still any room left to discuss some of the grand old topic in cinema like Auteur vs Genre, and Method vs Character? Are we resigned to discussing only the juvenile and ridiculous in movies? Should we only be concerned with those things in film which are bright and shiny, titillating and sensationalist. I wonder if there any room still left for the modern film blogger to discuss thing of cinema that have some substance and weight?

As more and more film bloggers becomes slaves to the mindless buy me! model of modern film journalism, opportunities for intelligent discussion are seemingly more few and far between. For the film fan searching for deeper and more resonating film talk, a long and arduous search lay before them through the internet graveyard. Nonetheless, I feel that the tiniest morsel found by the most persistent and tenacious seeker of intelligent film knowledge will prove to be more filling and satisfying than anything from the unhealthy and hollow banquet daily made available by the popular film blog-o-sphere.


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