Reviews Worth Your Time: Independence Day Edition


Along with their usual asinine articles and juvenile musings on film, the writers on most of those awful film blogs that are such a rage nowadays, actually have the unmitigated gall to try and review feature films.

Its always a sad affair.

There seems to be among the younger film critics on these sites, a general lack of tact, discernment, cultural insight, or even the smallest shred of wit in their film reviews. It seems that the chief concern to most of these film blogger/movie reviewers is how cool the movie was and how much it related to them. They almost never stop to weigh the movie being reviewed from a historical cinematic standpoint and they fail to discern its cultural meaning and themes making it impossible for them to properly assess it as a work of art. The style of their prose and the depth of their film knowledge on display leaves much to be desired. At best even the smartest film blogger seems only qualified to judge a movie as a product (box office fodder) and not as a serious work of art.

We here at film-cycle, are cognizant of this problem and seek to remedy it. We would like to provide an outlet for those seeking film critique of a more enlightened, and meaningful variety. Coinciding with the weekly film releases on both the Wednesday and Friday of every week we will be providing a list of alternative film reviews for those specific releases. By alternative reviews, we mean those not found on your average film blog or fan site. We mean reviews written by astute critics with keen cultural insight, expansive cinematic knowledge and daring opinions. Quite frankly, we want to show you reviews which are worth your time.

The reviews will be carefully chosen, with no affiliation, and they will be both pro and con viewpoints concerning the film. They will come from a wide variety of sources changing weekly with each new film release. Our hope is that we can present enough material for the smart discerning film fan and patron to make a wise viewing decision for that week and all the weeks to come. Though this film critique reconditioning we hope to turn the tide against the modern insipid film “critic” of today, and bring about a new golden age of film critique and response.

This week for our inagural fourth of july edition we turn our attention to the mid week release of “The Amazing Spider-Man”.

Anthony Lane-New Yorker

Micheal Phillips-Chicago Tribune,0,6508633.column

Joe Morgenstern-Wall Street Journal

David Edelstein-Vulture

Rafer Guzman-Newsday

Ann Hornaday-The Washington Post,1161204/critic-review.html#reviewNum1

So there you have it. Some good, some bad, hopefully all though provoking and informative. I’ll be back later on this week (and the next) with more reviews worth your time. Thank You.


P.S. If you know of any reviews out there that you think would be worth our time, please let us know in the comment section and please don’t forget to subscribe. Thanks.


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