Trailers From Hell: Redeeming Piece of Film Journalism 7/12/2012

When the search seems fruitless and your hope is weak, you find yourself having to hold on to the positives and find joy in the simple things. For instance, I’ve learned through my searches not to be so quick to take things for granted. I would often lapse into this contemptible attitude as I would undertake my usual internet treasure hunts, digging deeper and deeper for any piece of redeeming cinematic journalism in the film blog-o-sphere. This practice of missing the forest for the trees wouldn’t be such a big deal (in light of the sad state of the forest) if not for sites like Failing to take notice of this site, in my case, is a serious sin for in the expansive forest of the film blog-o-sphere, Trailers-From-Hell is a beautiful tall redwood.

Trailers-From-Hell in a (cut and paste) nutshell is bascially the brainchild of film director Joe Dante, new media entrepreneurJonas Hudson, graphic artist Charlie Largent and producer Elizabeth Stanley. The series was born out of their mutual love of classic films of all types, but particularly horror and exploitation films. TFH is the premier showcase for a breathtakingly eclectic assortment of trailers from classic era films both in their original form and punctuated with informative and amusing commentary by contemporary filmmakers. ”

Joe Dante, Allan Arkush, Roger Corman, Eli Roth, John Sayles, John Landis, Edgar Wright, Rick Baker, Stuart Gordon, Mick Garris, Karyn Kusama, ect. The list goes on and on and features some of the most legendary, writers, producers, cinematographers, and directors of genre/gonzo entertainment from the past 70 years of cinema. You’ll be shocked that so much information, history, technical critique, and appreciation can be packed into a span of 2-4 minutes. You should also take notice that this site isn’t just for the horror and exploitation freaks. The sheer breath of trailers in their database is a wildly eclectic mix featuring everything from Howard Hawks’ “His Girl Friday”( to Wes Craven’s “Last House on the Left” ( They feature trailers for cheesy romantic comedies alongside adverts for gut munching zombie b-movies, all with wonderful informative commentary to accompany it. It is a veritable gold mine for the modern film fan.

Do yourself a favor and refuse to do with out this resource. I know by now most internet film fans, are aware of Trailers-From-Hell, and i’m sure many of you are yelling, “yeah, yeah, yeah we know about it already!”, but on the off chance someone out there doesn’t know, then I just wanted to take the opportunity to introduce them to a wonderful friend and ally in the fight against mindless film journalism.  On the other hand, if you are already in the know, it wouldn’t hurt to get reacquainted.


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