The Last Word: Armond White Dares to Connect Nolan’s Batman to the Colorado Shootings

What you are about to read is Armond White’s commentary on the Colorado Theater Shooting.

First a preface.

Much has been said of Armond White. People seem to find it hard to make up their minds about him; either he’s a deliberate contrarian or a fearless revolutionary, a brilliant critic or a lunatic elitist, a silly troll or a renegade prophet.

If you’ve been accustomed to reading posts from this film blog, you’ve probably picked up on the fact that the people behind the scenes here at Film-Cycle are admirers/students of Armond White’s film criticism/cultural commentary.

We find his intuitive explorations into pop culture and society via film to be the most intelligent, provocative, uncompromising and “truthful” (ringing truer than most) forms of film criticism today.

A word of caution; to approach the work of Armond White one requires not only an “open” but mature mind. You must also have, or endeavor to seek and obtain, a more enlightened, deeper look at cinema, far beyond mere entertainment or product, but as a potential and sometimes literal (often transcendent) reflection of society/humanity (i.e. and interpretive form of expression or explanation).

I feel it is important, when viewing the work of someone such as Armond White, to approach it with this frame of mind. You will find you are not as quick, as others have been, to lazily mislabel his prose as the machinations of a deliberately contrarian troll. I think that if you manage to escape this trap of backwards thinking, you’ll find that you’ve come upon a truly enlightened brand of dynamic film criticism.

Now, without any further ado, here is the aforementioned article about the tragedy.

You can find Armond White’s most current film reviews at:

An Archive of White’s work, dating back to 2000 can be found here:


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  1. I think the man is brilliant. I just got done listening to a phone interview he did on the Ron & Fez radio show (siriusxm 11-3 🙂 and while I don’t necessarily agree with his points about specific film, he is incredible insight into the abyss of pop culture, and it’s past present and future. I commend him for this article, and being one of the few people out there actually willing to discuss issues beyond pro/anti-politics.

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