The Real Cost of Being A Superhero = Your Intelligence


Since most superhero movies being released today are nothing more than big budget infomercials for toys and pyrotechnic companies and because the pedigree of these superhero films are measured only in box office grosses, it should come as no surprise that any critical thinking about the nature of what it means to be a hero (super or otherwise) has been tossed out of the mix in favor of figuring out the dollars and cents of what it would cost to actually be a superhero in “real” life.

Sad to say, this seems like just another way of deluding ourselves. We obsess over the most trivial and nonsensical aspects concerning the legends and myths in our popular culture while neglecting the more socially relevant (as well as moral and spiritual) issues often raised in the cinematic arts and other art forms as well. If ever any issue or theme from a film is expounded upon its seems it is never for any deep or resonating reasons such as exploring our humanity regarding what we believe and who we are. That doesn’t sell pap….I mean generate website hits. When discussing deep themes or hot topics most film journalist or film bloggers only seek to sell their own popular conformist angles on politics and social issues (such as Ebert’s post Colorado shooting, gun control endorsement). Ironically when most of these critics/pundits have their politics or belief systems confronted or questioned by a film they usually react childishly downplaying or rebuking the belief systems presented in the picture and evaluating only the more technical aspects of the movie (an impossible abortion). The refuse to reckon and come to terms with what the movie is saying and how it reflects, relates and contrasts to who they are as an individual and as part of the collective society with all their belief systems and social norms. This is what the great film critics (Sarris, Kael, White, ect.) do (or did) regularly.Their usual reward is ridicule and skepticism or simply not being read at all, which is the greatest tragedy.

However, these are the film critics/journalists worth reading. For they are the individuals who will provoke and inspire you, making you think deeply and richly in regards to cinema. I encourage you to seek out these true ambassadors to the art-form of film, and reject those who seek only to sell and pander to the worst aspects of your human nature. It may seem like I’m taking this issue to seriously, but I don’t take lightly having mine, or anyone else’s intelligence insulted.

Be a patron of the arts, not just a consumer.




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  1. Cost of being Casey Jones – $137.83

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