Film News Worth Your Time: 8/28/2012

The film fan who goes searching the internet to enrich his passion, is bombarded almost daily with a sad barrage of nonsensical and superfluous film news. They encounter a never ending cycle of sequel news, superhero movie news, reboot reports, set photos, box office tallies, top ten lists, and juvenile podcasts supplying unlearned and unpolished film reviews and discourse. It not exactly a great environment to improve ones cinematic mind.

We at film-cycle would like to shine a light on film news that we believe is more worthy of your time. A new series will be starting that will showcase articles and websites from the net that provide only the most articulate and mature film journalism (with some levity thrown in as well). Instead of going to slashfilm or aintitcool, and seeing the same old boring and sensationalist topics, come here encounter film news that will leave you stimulated, provoked, challenged, enlightened and ultimately hopeful about film and the interesting pathways it’s going down.

So join Film-Cycle as we begin our inaugural edition of “Film News Worth Your Time”

In the early 90’s, when black culture was starting to seep into the mainstream, certain artistic milestones could be pointed to as both harbingers of the spirit of adoption and intermingling that was taking place. Thomas Golianopoulos of presents a brilliantly in depth oral history (in the style of “I Want My MTV“) paying tribute to such a cinematic milestone; White Men Can’t Jump. Enjoy as Director Ron Shelton, stars Woody Harrelson, producer Joe Roth, and other stars from the film, come together and talk its creation and reflect on its impact.


Gene Kelly would have been a hundred today. I’d be willing to bet if he were still alive he could give even the best dancers today a run for their money. NPR pays a fitting tribute to Mr. Kelly on their morning edition today as modern professionals in the field of dance chime in to expound on their love for the talent and style of the “Marlon Brando of Dance”. Everyone together now; “Gotta Dance!”


Its sad that with all the news of superhero films and reboots there is no room to celebrate a new creation from one of the masters of cinema. Here is an interview De Palma did in La Repubblica ( if you don’t like using Google translate, an English version is available at the fan blog De Palma A La Mod) where he talks about new film Passion, his status in Hollywood, his influences and who he believes his modern heir is.


I for one had grown tired of seeing the film on the BFI list discussed in terms of a race horse; jockeying for position with other films on a meaningless list. No one seemed willing or able to discuss themes, imagery, mood or atmosphere.  It’s a sad trait not uncommon in most cultural commentary today. Thankfully the young professionals at the Museum of the Moving Image are still able to talk deeply, in a learned manner about film. They composed a three part video essay/deconstruction of the film Vertigo that is well worth a look and listen.


Ever had the sneaking suspicion that Martin Scorsese is really a film historian posing as a film director. In every interview, editorial, awards speech, or commercial he seems almost busting at the seems with cinema history and know how. A short time ago he begin writing a monthly piece for TCM called Scorsese Screens. Here, he gives excellent recommendations for films coming on Turner Classic that month, talking in depth about the stars and directors of each film.  It an invaluable resource for the modern fan of classic movies.


Fun Stuff: Backward movie summaries, how batman should have ended, the matrix trilogy fixed


Seriously, this is film news: Disturbing Details On The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Reboot Screenplay


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