Film News Worth Your Time 9/10/2012

We at film-cycle like to shine a light on film news that we believe is worthy of your time. Every week we showcase a new collection of articles and websites  that provide only the most articulate and mature film journalism (with some levity thrown in as well). Instead of going to slashfilm or aintitcool, and seeing the same old stuff, come here. You will encounter film news that will leave you stimulated, provoked, challenged, enlightened and ultimately hopeful about film and the interesting pathways it’s taking.

What do you make of John Favreau? At times he directs with a great since of fun and excitement. Then there are times (more recently) when his work seems so pedestrian and ordinary that it lacks any real skill.  At the very least he seems to have good taste in films. Listen in to his NPR interview as he talks about mean streets.


Most movie podcasts are awful. Excuse me if I don’t like listening to a bunch of uncultured immature film school rejects wax poetic about batman movies and Tarantino awesomeness. Very rarely does a podcast come about that discusses film in a very insightful and informative manner. When it does come along though I’m pretty sure it looks something like The Hollywood Gauntlet


You’ll get a real kick out of this. Ever wonder why cats are so popular in our media culture? Think about all the internet memes and youtube videos that feature cats and have gone on to become web sensations. You say you never thought about it? Well the good people at the Musuem of the Moving Image have. Check out their article about the media saturation and infatuation with felines in the 21 century.


Alicia Mayer…. Does the Name ring a bell? Try this. Drop the Alicia and add on Louis B.. How about now? While I’m still unclear exactly what the famillial connection is (I believe she is Louis’ niece……yep just checked, she’s his niece) the fact remains that this website has a collection of great inside information (wonder pictures as well) about the inner workings of the Mayer family and how they contributed to the creation of the old Hollywood system of yesteryear. If your a fan of old Hollywood as I am then you’ll find this website a joy.


Mark Kermode……his work is good in a pinch.  As we’ve seen cultural commentary continually degrade over the decades, I’ve found Mr Kermode’s work (both his blog and podcast) a nice oasis for film news and journalism that is at least somewhat thought provoking and intelligent. Maybe its just the accent. Here a video essay from his blog that explores the nature of the theatrical experience.


Fun Stuff: How The Avengers Should Have Ended, Fake Criterion Covers , Baby Got Back And A Lot Of Time On Her Hands


Seriously, this counts as film news: Joss Whedon Endorses James Gunn’s ‘Twisted Take’ On ‘Guardians of the GalaxyNew Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 Trailer Has Bella Taking A Leap, Beer: It’s Not Just For Drinking 


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