Iron Man 3: The Big Tease

Forget Christmas, film is the most commercialized entity in america. We’re at a place now where even the teaser trailer isn’t enough anymore. We have teases of teasers.

The hype surrounding the release of a new superhero movie is usually ridiculous (especially if you consider the inferior end product). Fanboys and internet film nerds (the kind who give cinema a bad name) clamor in front of their computers waiting for the tiniest morsel of info about the latest toy commerc…..I mean superhero film on the horizon. They’ve gone from patrons of the cinematic arts to product testers. The only questions they have about a new superhero film is how cool will the footage be, how shiny are the suits, and will their favorite hero will get a cameo. Rarely, if not at all, do you find people wanting to know more about the ideas and themes of a superhero film (or film in general). You don’t see people on the Imdb message boards talking about The Avengers as cinematic art in relation to their humanity, but rather as product and how well it follows comic books continuity. I remember a time where movie producers would ask audiences to believe a man can fly or simply be brave enough to save his city. Not anymore. Now they want to us to be excited to the point of frenzy so that we are blindly caught up in the hype for their new product. At that point you hand over your money just to see what all the fuss is about, and not because you want to see a great film. Sadder still is the modern day audience which complies dutifully with the commercial empty headed commands of this modern movie production hype machine.

But I guess it doesn’t matter if the machine is shiny.


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  1. Hipster.

  2. I am sorry that you cant enjoy things other people obviously enjoy. Just so you know, you dont have to be on a bandwagon to enjoy something that others enjoy, you dont have to understand what they say, or how and why they say it. You dont have to agree with how people anticipate certain things, or even how they perceive things, you need to take a step back and look at those people and see that those people have smiles on their faces because they have been given something that makes them happy. There are a lot of things that people can do that make them feel good, I mean people can even be bloggers with an asshole for a mouth, where nothing but shit comes spewing. Maybe some people need a break from the mundane and mediocrity of the world brought about in very small part by opinionated screw ball bloggers that sell out with their articles about selling out. Come on, if you are going to whine about commercially successful franchises making money, at least remove the ad on your blog, hypocrite.

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