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Inside “Inside Horror”: Redeeming Piece of Film Journalism

Joe Dante

Ti West

John Landis

Sid Haig

Mary Lambert

Cassandra Wilson (Elvira)

Oren Peli

Alexandre Aja

These are some of the people who have been guests of Inside Horror. The format is simple. Two hosts; the droll and astute Elric Kane and the quirky manic pixie nightmare girl Staci Layne Wilson are your ambassadors of cinematic horror. They conduct interviews with industry professionals and legends, discuss new releases and dissect old classics, and hold lively debates on the hot issues and oldest arguments about the horror genre. This is a great resource not just for horror fans but for fans of cinema in general. The talk is always interesting and informative.The insights offered by those in the know are indispensable for people looking to make their way in the movies. You’ll find the depth of discussion, even at its most superficial and cursory, is to be valued high above the offerings of most popular film blogs who, in the name of film news and journalism, only seem able to offer never-ending news of remakes and reboots. This of course is always hardest on the horror fan, seeing as the classics the genre are always on the go to list of studios for things that absolutely “need” to be remade. The results tend to be unnecessary and underwhelming leaving a bitter taste in the mouth of modern horror fans and making it harder to hope for the future growth and prominence of the genre.

Above anything else, as you watch these industry professions speak, see the lively debates and hear the wonderful recommendations offered, you will be given a small measure of hope for the future of horror.

Or at the very least you’ll find out what happened to the creepy little girl off Halloween 4.

The link above is to the main website for the show. However, not all the episodes can be found here. Many can be found on YouTube and various video hosting websites. Weird yes, but even if it requires a bit of footwork on your behalf, it will be worth it for the information you find. Its pure gold.

Joe Dante

John Landis

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